A: Eating fresh vegetable is the best way to receive nutrition as in its natural form. However, our busy lifestyle does not allow us much time to deal with preparing fresh vegetables. We then created a new product - Urban Farm- Instant Vegetables to help you who wish to stay healthy to have vegetables handy when you need it. We call this concept “Your Healthy Lifestyle at Anytime”.

Let’s look at this topic more closely. Nutrition from vegetable comes in 3 groups: Fiber, Minerals, and Vitamins. Fiber and minerals do not go away after heat treatment or cooking, so there is no different between eating it dried or fresh. Vitamins are found in 2 groups: vitamins that dissolved in water, like vitamin C and those that dissolved in fat, like vitamin A or beta-carotene. The first group will go away with heat like when we cook vegetables in pot or pan. The latter group will not go away with heat, so dried-vegetables are as good as those in fresh form. Our packaging is clean and keeps the product away from air and light. This way you can be sure that the product is good when it reaches you.
A: Urban Farm- Instant Vegetables is 100% natural. We do not add salt, sugar, MSG, food additive, or preservative. Once Instant Vegetables are cooked, like in rice, you will like the taste and aroma of real vegetables.
A: This is a good question. Our product is designed for a mixture of 3-6 vegetables to be cooked and ready at the same time, so cooking in a rice cooker or boiling in hot water are the way we intended. By adding hot water, the heat from the water may not be enough to have everything cooked thoroughly.
A: Yes and No. Yes, you can add it but the vegetables will become mushy. No, if you aim to have a nice and colorful looking rice to serve, using dehydrated vegetables is a better way. Here is why. Vegetables hold a lot of water content in them and when cook with rice it its dried form, by the time the rice is ready the vegetables will become too spongy. Urban Farm- Instant Vegetables has been dehydrated and cooking with rice will allow both to be properly cooked at the same time.
A: Urban Farm- Instant Vegetables can be kept in room temperature and away from sunlight for 18 months. No need for a refrigerator. But once your tear the package, we recommend you to finish it within one week. Between usages, you should fold the package to not let the air in and keep the product in a refrigerator.
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A: Urban Farm by Nithi Food is certified by GMP, HACCP, ISO9001, ISO14001, HALAL
A: Yes, Urban Farm can be used for both main dish and dessert menu. The flavor of Cereal or Japanese Pumpkin can be added to various kinds of Thai dessert as well as sponge cake.
A: Urban Farm “Fried Rice without Frying” Seasoning is an innovative product that let you make fried rice in one step by adding all ingredients into a rice cooker. No need for a stove, a pot or a pan. You got few things to clean. The product contains no MSG and preservative so it is good for health conscious people of all age and gender. We include dried vegetables to promote your vegetable eating. We use rice bran oil infused specially with garlic or other herbs in order to bring aroma without giving bitter taste.
A: Cooking is very easy. Just prepare dry rice, water, and your favorite meat (or none for vegetarians) as instruct on packaging. Add all ingredients into electric rice cooker, stir and turn on rice cooker. Stir one more time before serve after the rice is done.
A: 4 flavors

Garlic & Shiitake Fried Rice Inspired by Japanese Garlic Rice, it has well balanced taste with aromatic garlic oil and Shiitake mushroom. This recipe is recommended for all ages even small children.

Yellow Curry Fried Rice Inspired by Indian Biryani Rice, this is a recipe of beautiful yellow rice with Indian Curry aroma. Just pair with some fried or barbeque chicken over the rice, it will be as if a dish from famous Indian Curry restaurant. Some people add pineapple chunks and it becomes pineapple rice.

Tom Yum Fried Rice Inspired by the world-famous Tom Yum Kung, now we offer in a fried rice form. This is the world first Tom Yum Fried Rice product that you can make at home. The Tom Yum Fried Rice brings you the heat and zesty plus unique aroma of Thai Herbs that you cannot forget.

Green Curry Fried Rice Inspired by the world-famous Thai Green Curry, this recipe brings you home the real taste of Green Curry in a rice form. The Green Curry Fried Rice is popular in many fine Thai restaurants. Our secret is in real Thai herbs and spices that we carefully select and preserve for you.
A: Urban Farm is designed mainly for rice cooker but we can not limit your imagination. Urban Farm can be also used to cook in spaghetti sauce, marinate various kinds of meat and make sushi rolls.